Here I collect some of the things I have accomplished, acknowledgments, recognitions, footprints I made, and projects I conducted in the security industry and community.

And of course, these things on this page are also stuff that I am very proud of. This gives me a reason for both claiming the brag rights and doing some self-boasting.

I hope that this page also can function as a place where you may find some inspiration and motivation to, for example, grow as a security professional or your own ways how to give back to the security industry and community.

40 under 40 cybersecurity 2023

Recognized as one of the global talents, 40 under 40 in Cyber security, by Top Cyber News MAGAZINE in the 2023 special edition for my contribution to the security industry and community.


“With the global cyber-skills shortage, it is crucial to encourage talent who dedicate their energy and career to cybersecurity.

This special edition spotlights remarkable cybersecurity and digital industries professionals. Top Cyber News MAGAZINE is pleased to unveil this list of young and devoted professionals: ambassadors, advocates, and influencers.

All are part of the inspiring force behind the global Cybersecurity Awareness movement. These talented experts and brilliant minds come from 21 countries and five continents.”

digital trust ECOSYSTEM framework

Awarded acknowledgment as one of the subject matter expert reviewers of the Digital Trust Ecosystem Framework (DTEF) from ISACA.


“Digital trust is the confidence in the integrity of the relationships, interactions and transactions among providers and consumers within an associated digital ecosystem. This includes the ability of people, organizations, processes, information and technology to create and maintain a trustworthy digital world.